Back Support Belt Waist Cincher/Girdle/Waist Trainer.

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ZEROBODYS Men's Abdomen Belt Waist Trimmer Lumbar Back Support Belt Waist Cincher/Girdle/Waist Trainer.

This Waist Cincher aids Instant Shaping, slimming, and flattening of the flabby body parts, including your stomach, waist and hips. The Waist Cincher can be worn underneath any type of clothing.


Size M suitable for waistline: M - 70-90cm (27-35 Inches)

Size L suitable for waistline: L - 90-100cm (35-39 Inches)

Size XL suitable for waistline: XL - 90-110cm (35-43 Inches)

Size XXL suitable for waistline: XXL - 100-120cm (39-48 Inches)


1. This waist shaper has strong elasticity. It's flexible and durable, as soft as plastic bones, can bend easily and recover quickly to original.
2. Suitable for your size perfectly and perfect shape.
3. Design for male/female who want to look trim and slim.

4. Provides great body shaping, control and complete comfort. They are designed to clinch the waist and maintain a super tight hold.

5. The material also enables the body temperature to rise slightly allowing the mid-section area to perspire whilst being compressed, resulting in the desired effect.

6. These Cinchers have been designed for a minimum daily use for 4-6 hours as it has a unique design with breathable holes.

7. Great for correcting your posture.

8. Anti-Bacterial, Breathable, Eco-Friendly, Plus Size, Quick Dry.

9. Material: Spandex / Polyester