3 in 1 Ultrasonic Cavitation Fat & Cellulite Remover Slim Machine Body Massager

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Features: Effective ultrasonic facial and body beautifying massager. EMS skin and body slimming and tonning machine.Skin rejuvenation infrared heat therapy device. Enhance skin texture, anti-wrinkle, helps fight fatty areas, tightens. Quickly and effectively reduce and give relief from severe chronic back pains, other sort of body aches. Regulate internal secretion and accelerate consuming of fat, realize the dreams of body slimming. Mini and stylish appearance, convenient to carry, easy to use. For both facial & body use.


◆ Low frequency  Low frequency is currently an internationally advanced, high-application rate, and the best response to the human body as a family and personal health care physiotherapy technology. The low-frequency uses the muscle to be vibrated. Through the periodic changes of the current, it is very realistic to simulate the actual feelings of real people's back beating, beating, massage, massage, acupuncture and cupping, combined with the traditional meridian acupoints, repeatedly electrified treatment , Can effectively regulate the human body secretion.

◆ Ultrasound The mechanical, thermal, physical and chemical effects of 1 million ultrasonic waves per second can cause volume changes and movement of each cell in the body tissue, massage cells, stimulate and regulate cell membranes, increase skin permeability, and increase skin deep temperature by 0.5~1 ℃, accelerate metabolism, enhance tissue regeneration, repair poorly flowing lymph and broken capillaries, and achieve the effect of weight loss and shape modification.

◆Far infrared The frequency spectrum is 8--12um. This machine uses far-infrared rays whose frequency spectrum is close to the vibration frequency of cell molecules in the human body. The heating wire can generate a temperature of 45 degrees-50 degrees. Increase the temperature of the deep subcutaneous layer, expand the capillaries, accelerate blood circulation, help clear vascular accumulations and harmful substances in the body, enhance skin metabolism, rejuvenate tissues, and promote enzyme production to activate tissue cells, prevent aging, and strengthen the immune system Efficacy, while improving and preventing various diseases caused by blood circulation and microcirculation disorders, and has a good effect on arthritis, inflammation and other symptoms.